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MWRA Board Members



Kathy Woods
14530 Manor Road
Phoenix, MD 21131


Martha Leach
Ellicott City, MD


Kathleen Handley
Gaithersburg, MD


Amy Lynne
Ellicott City, MD

Members At Large

Suzanne Shoemaker                   Tina Lunson
Boyds, MD                                    Takoma Park, MD

committeeBecoming a part of the MWRA Board of Directors

Seeking great challenges concerning Maryland wildlife rehabilitation?

Want to be involved in the decision-making process of MWRA?

Interested in running for the Board of Directors? 


Here are the requirements for applying:

– You must be a paid member of MWRA for one (1) year

– You must hold a current and valid DNR* 2nd-Year Apprentice or Master Rehabilitator permit

– The deadline for submitting an application is September 12 of that year

– The chair of the Nominating Committee may conduct a telephone interview with the candidate

*DNR = Department of Natural Resources