Greetings and Happy September:

Attached is Vol. 8 Issue 5 of the MD One Health Bulletin for your reading pleasure.  As always – you can visit the MD Dept. of Ag. Animal Health website to view all past issues (http://mda.maryland.gov/animalHealth/Pages/md-one-health.aspx). This issue includes information on the longhorn tick – an invasive species recently found in Maryland.  Follow instructions provided for tick identification questions.  Also attached is a new tick resource manual from the CDC for physicians (that may be of interest to some of you).

CDC Tickborne Diseases Toolkit Reference Manual

MOHB vol 8 issue 5 EHD, Longhorn Tick, Marine Mammals

For more information on preparedness:

Dr. Cindy P. Driscoll
MD DNR State Fish & Wildlife Veterinarian
Director, Fish & Wildlife Health Program
Cooperative Oxford Laboratory
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