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Dear NWRA Members –

As many of you are aware, the US Fish & Wildlife Service proposes to adopt a regulation that defines the scope of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) as it applies to conduct resulting in the injury or death of migratory birds protected by the Act. This proposed rule seeks to codify a legal opinion (Solicitor’s Opinion M-37050, or the “M Opinion”) that has ENDED ALL ENFORCEMENT against the predictable and preventable killing of migratory birds from commercial activities.

NWRA and the International Wildlife Rehabilitators Council (IWRC) are opposed to this change as it will result in additional needless bird mortality and could increase the burden on wildlife rehabilitators. We have prepared a joint statement that will be submitted to the Service as a comment by March 19.


Please review the statement, and if you agree with it, please add your name or your organization to the list of people in support of our statement BY MARCH 16. All the names will be compiled and submitted with our statement before March 19.

Please feel free to share this email and the link. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US STAND UP FOR WILDLIFE.

Lisa Smith
NWRA President

Read the Statement and Add Your Name in Support

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