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MWRA offers classes and other types of Continuing Education (CE) to members free of charge and to non-members at a minimal fee. They are a great opportunity to obtain CE’s to fulfill the requirements of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources; a chance to network with other Maryland rehabilitators; to find a master rehabilitator to apprentice with and, otherwise, share experiences and find advice for problems. We urge you to participate in these Continuing Education classes, whether you are an experienced wildlife rehabilitator or are looking to become a wildlife rehabilitator.


MWRA Winter Workshop – January 21st

Dear Member:

For the past two years, we have logged the information at the end of the conference evaluation form after our annual meetings.   Overwhelmingly, the #1 requested workshop has been wound management.

We are excited to confirm that the Winter Workshop 2017 will be on Wound Management. This exciting, all day workshop will provide a review of the physiology and treatment of the most common types of wounds seen in our mammalian and avian patients.  We will cover wound assessment, wound types, cleaning and topical agents, bandaging techniques and the physiology and stages of wound healing.  Starting with the assessment of the patient to the anticipated outcome, Dr. Erica Miller will guide us through each phase of the treatment.

Dressing and bandage types will be covered.  If you have been confused by the words dry, wet to dry, hydrogel dressings to which kind of tape to use (paper, plastic, cloth, micropore) this is the workshop for you!  All materials are covered in the cost of the workshop, and you will have plenty of members to help you if you feel lost or overwhelmed.  After the lecture, we will have a hands-on workshop so you get the feel of doing these bandaging techniques before you have a live squirming patient in your hands.

This is your opportunity to learn in your home state, with other members, by an excellent teacher!!

The registration form is attached to this email.  Please contact me if you are unable to open it, and we can snail mail one to you.  Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and 35 people will be accepted.  Please fill out the application and mail, with your check, to the address on the form.  The Ag Center is located one mile from Hunt Valley Mall; you may bring a lunch or go to the mall for lunch.  If you finish the day, you will be awarded a certificate for continuing education credits.  There will be no refunds, no registration at the door, and it will be open to PA and VA rehabilitators after December 20th, 2016.

Your Board looks forward to seeing you on January 21st!

Kathleen Woods 410 628 9736


MWRA Workshop Application January 2017


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IMPORTANT: Please see attached course announcements on developing emergency plans for captive wildlife facilities.


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