MWRA Membership


Please join and participate!

MWRA is growing at an exciting rate and has become a very credible presence in the Maryland wildlife rehabilitation community!

Applications and renewals will be accepted in October of each year.

Below you will find the “New Membership/Renewal” application that you may print out and mail to

c/o Kathleen Woods
Phoenix Wildlife Center
14530 Manor Road, Phoenix, MD 21131

Further instructions can be found on the form itself. If you have any questions about joining MWRA, you can send an e-mail to:

MWRA Membership Application


Membership is $30.00 for one year. You will automatically be included on the mailing list for notices of meetings and events. If you would like to be included in MWRA’s referral directory, please be sure to include a copy of all necessary permits (these copies are the property of MWRA and will not be distributed for any purpose).

We welcome You!